Read for Free

From time to time I’ll make new stories available for free.

If any of my works are available online for free, I’ll post links to them here.

Warm Fuzzies” was published in Nautilus, in fall of 2015.

You’ll find two of my flash fiction stories, “Disciplining the Future” and “Vintage” on Cafe Irreal.

Here’s a link to “Midnight at the Ichnologist’s Ball,” which was published by Sci-Fiction. (Can you tell that I like fun titles?)

In 2014, Arlington, Washington held a haiku contest to accompany their eagle festival. My haiku won.

Strange Horizons published several of my favorite poems, including “Making Robot Poets Great.”

I also published “On Keeping Pluto a Planet,” “Dark Emblem,” “Return Engagements,” “War is For the Hard of Hearing,” and “The Other Sleeping Beauties” there.

I published a baseball haiku on Hobart.